Download 3DS Emulator

A 3DS Emulator can be used to allow the users to play all the games. It also helps you to experience the Nintendo switch gaming experience. Also, another added advantage of the same is that it works great on Android, Mac and PC. We say, you can avail the games by not purchasing them.


Today I am going to provide you best nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android, 3DS emulator for iOS and 3DS Emulator for PC. So whichever device you are using Like Android, iPhone or Windows PC, you can still enjoy the Nintendo games on your device.

Best 3DS Emulator

Citra 3Ds Emulator

“I had a hankering to play some 3ds games but lacked an actual 3Ds. I found this emulator and was able to get going in minutes. It looks great and is very fast!”


Are you a software developer then this Emulator is for you. Actually, there is not any official build is available for 3DMOO. Many sites claim to provide 3DMOO – 3DS emulator but those are fake click-bait links. But the good thing is the source code of this emulator is available on Github. And it’s open source software so anyone can download code and develop the application.


“I was searching for Nintendo 3DS emulators. While this solution does provide an option for this problem I was hoping to find one which would work on MacOs X as opposed to Windows. As this emulator does work with OpenGL I am a bit disappointed that a version is not available for Os X since OpenGL is fully supported on this operating system.”

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